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Information Assurance

Pre-Employment Screening
Don't hire trouble! A large percentage of applicants inflate their previous salary history and responsibilities. Some have financial problems or a criminal history that makes them unsuitable as employees in your company. Pre-Employment screening can avoid wasting resources on recruiting, hiring, and training new employees, only to find the hiring decision was based on incomplete or falsified information. Call our toll free number for custom employment screening services.

Criminal Record Background Checks
Criminal Background Checks are required by law for some professionals. Avoid the potential liabilities of bringing a criminal into your home, property or workplace. Fast and accurate Criminal Record Checks and Background Verifications are provided for all US counties and Canada, as permitted by law.

MVRs (Driving Records)
Before you hire that driver, what was his driving history on his last job, or in another state? Low cost Driving Record/Motor Vehicle Record (MVR and DMV) checks are provided nationwide.

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Information Assurance

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