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PYRATECH SECURITY SYSTEMS, one of the fastest growing security companies in Michigan, has a special offer. For a limited time only, our expert Security Consultants will conduct a "Security Survey" of your home, office, or business for 30% off our regular consulting fee. We will investigate, search out, and identify weaknesses in your present security system, and recommend ways of enhancing your protection.

If the need is present, we can design a completely new security system of uncompromising reliability, or update your present system to obtain its maximum effectiveness. We incorporate electronic, physical and manual security practices and the latest technology to produce the most effective security systems available. Call today for additional information.


Our investigation are conducted in accordance with lawful investigative techniques which include, but are not limited to: voluntary interviews of appropriate persons, examination of computer files, records and evidence, surveillance and any locating procedures as necessary under the circumstances. Our goal is to identify the material facts of a case in an ethical manner.

We specialize in personal injury, identity theft, protective intelligence investigations and fraud investigations.

We are prepared to provide you with, but are not limited to the following services:

Personal Injury Investigation (Link) 
Legal Investigations
Fraud Investigations
Identity Theft Investigations (Link)
Skip tracing –
Concealed Asset Investigation
Medical Malpractice Investigation
Worker’s Comp Investigation
Work Place Investigation
Criminal Investigations
Background Investigation
Protective Intelligence (Link)
Stalking Management (Link)
Personal Protection Order
Service of Process (Link)
Embezzlement & Theft Acts
Security Consulting


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